Kaffarah and Masturbation

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Q: Is this true in the context of one who masturbated during several fasts in ramadan and intends to make up qadha fasts:

"If a person who did something that necessitates only qada (making up for a missed fast; observing another fast in lieu of the broken fast) on one day of Ramadan does the same thing purposely on another day of Ramadan, it also necessitates kaffarah (expiation that is made by freeing a slave or fasting for 60 consecutive days or feeding 60 needy people)."

Three things make Kaffaarah compulsory:

1. Eating intentionally while fasting in Ramadhaan.

2. Drinking intentionally while fasting in Ramadhaan.

3. Indulging in sexual intercourse intentionally while fasting in Ramadhaan.

These three factors will make Kaffaarah compulsory, whether done once or more.

Nothing else makes Kaffaarah compulsory, even if done more than once in the same Ramadhaan.

Allah Ta'aala knows best.

Moulana Yusuf Laher

Shower in Itikaaf

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Q: Is it permissible to have a shower during itikaaf even if ghusul (bath) is not compulsory?

A non compulsory Ghusl is not allowed during I'tikaaf. If done the I'tikaaf will break.

Moulana Yusuf Laher

Wet Dream in Itikaaf

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Q: If a person experiences a wet dream  and releases semen, will Itikaaf break? Or after taking a ghusl (bath) will the Itikaaf be valid?

A: During I'tikaaf if one expereinces a wet dream, the i'tikaaf will not break. One should go out immediately to have a ghusl and then come back to continue with the i'tikaaf. Then everything will be fine.

Mufti Siraj Desai

Forced Relations while Fasting

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Q: If a man forces his wife to be intimate with him in Ramadhan whilst they are both fasting, against her wishes, does she have to do kaffara for the broken fast even though it was not her fault?

If the husband forces his wife to have sexual relations with him during Ramadhaan while both are fasting, and she is unable to resist or stop him, then Qadhaa and Kaffaarah will be compulsory on the husband.  On the wife there is only one Qadhaa; she does not have to keep the Kaffaarah (Al Jauharatun Nayyirah V2 P33).

Moulana Yusuf Laher
Checked by: Mufti Siraj Desai

Smoking in Itikaaf

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Q: Can a person in Itikaf smoke cigarettes?

A: It is not permissible to smoke anywhere in the musjid. If one goes out of musjid to smoke, the I'tikaaf will break, whether he is addicted to cigarettes or not.

Any extra time spent smoking in toilet will also break I'tikaaf. That is, if one has finished answering the call of nature and is just sitting in toilet to finish his cigarette, the I'tikaaf will break.

A smoker who cannot resist smoking can do it within the time it takes him to finish passing urine and stool. He's not allowed to linger on in the toilet just to finish smoking.

And Allah knows best

Mufti Siraj Desai

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