Missing a Word in Surah Fatiha

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Q: If I have a doubt whether I missed a word of surah fatiha what should be done? If I have my doubt in rukuh or sujud can I stand back and recite surah fatiha again and continue the prayer as normal? Do I have to do sajda sahu and while doing sajda sahu for that, if I miss one sujud is my prayer acceptable?
A: If you merely have a doubt then ignore it. If you are sure you missed a word or an aayah then you should make sajdah sahu.If you missed one sajdah forgetfully while making sajdah sahu then your salah is complete. (Tahttaawi alaa maraaqil falah)

Moulana Naziem Moosagie
Checked and ratified by Mufti Siraj Desai