Non-Muslim Senior Executive Employees

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Q: Is it advisable to have non-Muslim senior executive employees who are involved in the decision making of the company and if not why?
A: It is not advisable to appoint non-Muslim personal to senior positions in a Muslim company, or to position that requires a high level of trustworthiness. This is because of the command of Allah Ta’ala in Surah Aala-Imran: O Believers! Do not take bosom friends from among others (i.e. other faiths).. (Sura 3, verse 118) This command was revealed in relation to the Jews and Christians of former times. However, the general rule derived from this verse still applies today. Whilst we do not say such appointment is totally haraam, but in the light of this verse, it is certainly discouraged. (Tafseer of Qurtubi, Aloosi and others)